Honey bee Tie Bar

Product Code: Mens Honey bee Side Clasp Tie Bar
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Tags: Tie, Bar, clasp

This simple but elegant Bee tie bar will make any suit or tie stand out from the crowd.

Made from Sterling 925 Silver and gold plated wings.

Are you new to Side clasp tie bars?

How to use a side clasp tie bar:

Slide clasps work far differently than pinch clasps, so you need to understand the difference before you wear or buy one.

Unlike pinch clasps, once a slide clasp fits around the tie, it will keep its shape. When wearing a slide clasp for the first time, carefully open it up just wide enough to fit around your tie.

Then, once it is around the tie, you have to pinch it closed tightly.

The slide clasp will stay in place all day with no issues.

When removing the slide clasp at the end of the day, you must then pinch it tightly together again as best you can.

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